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How to Use this Proxy Site

To use this proxy go down to the field under "Enter URL" - key in the domain you wish to visit e.g. and click the "GO" button.

You will then be on a page where your IP has been changed and the pages you visit will be encrypted. Doing this will unblock your favorite sites and hide your surfing from the snoopers. Note we use a minimum amount of advertising on this site - we do not use annoying pop-ups for example. Costs to run the site need to be covered such as the server bandwith and software have to be found so not using the likes of adblocks would be appreciated.

This proxy site is a little different to must others - we keep the plugins that make video work up to date. There is a sample list on the inner page and many more like work and are updated. If you are interested about learning more about proxy sites and perhaps setting one up yourself we have a forum that explores has many How Tos and discussions that will be of help to first timer and to share your knowlege if you are an expert Proxy Forum

Who uses proxy sites the most - there are quite a large range - from college students to those at home and work. Please share this site with your friends and family.

VPN Information

Another method of preserving your privacy is using VPN or virtual private networks. They have the disadvantage of usually having a cost attached to them and being relatively difficult to set up. If you want some more information on them and to see some recommendations on which to use go here VPN Information


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